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Sweating the Small Stuff

The sun is shining, you’ve just finished an amazing workout, and the coffee just finished brewing and will imminently be filling you with energy and warmth. You get ready for work, breeze through traffic, and get to the office early to get ahead of the day. You’re feeling on top of world, everything is working this morning and nothing could possibly get in your way! But then it happens. An email about something you forgot, you spill some water, or in my case you get a delayed Amazon delivery notification. Boom. Good vibes ruined, day is shot, LIFE IS OVER!


We have all been there. Riding high on positive vibes and the positivity of those around us, only to have some small setback send us spiraling into a bad mood. But why? How dumb is it to let a minor inconvenience ruin a great day?


Spoiler alert. It’s really dumb!


This past weekend was my girlfriends birthday. We shared an awesome birthday breakfast with friends and then took a trip over to Coco beach for the day and had a great time. Had a fun drive over listening to our favorite podcast, shared a nice bottle of wine, and had an unexpectedly amazing dinner (Shout out to Sage Bistro, AMAZING food). But the next day we were hanging out watching a movie, silent. I knew why I was quiet. I had a post food and drink bloat going on and was feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. Turns out she was too.


Two fit people, dealing with the expected aftermath of a day of splurging and fun, letting a temporary inconvenience taint a weekend filled with fun and friends. I rode this feeling of grossness through the night only to wake up for work with a flat belly and a more positive outlook. That’s when it hit me how absolutely stupid it was that I had been down in the first place. Nothing had changed, I just lost a bit of water weight in the night. I let water, H2-fucking-O, ruin the awesome experience I had celebrating with my girlfriend.


I am better than that. She is better than that. We are all better than that. Life is filled with too many truly important things, both good and bad, to allow trivial and temporary bullshit to bring us down. Reacting to every misstep and unfortunate circumstance not only ruins your ability to find joy in life, it also ruins the joy of those around you. Remember that at any given time you are like a germ, spreading negativity or positivity to those that are around, and only you get to decide which one. Choose to spread positivity, choose to stop sweating the small stuff.